About bot2human

This is my personal blog about programming, tech, science and sometimes about interactions among humans and computer interfaces.

Why bot2human?

At mid-autumn 2017 I have got a freelance job to make a chatbot for a large logistics enterprise. The process of chatbot development has intrigued me so I decided to make some more projects.

Later I switched to general Computer Science educational track but the bot2human name seemed great to me. I decided to host my personal blog on bot2human.me domain.

And.. I don’t mind if you give me a try to make some programming stuff for you like:

  • chatbot for business
  • chatbot for life
  • chatbot for fun
  • some graphic visualisation made with Python
  • automatisation and backend stuff made with Go, Scala and Python

A personal blog about chatbots, programming and tech.

My personality

I am a 36 y.o. human male LGBT person living with my parther in Russia. I have a deep personal history which I want also to share in my blog.

Have questions or suggestions? Feel free to ask me on Twitter or drop me a line on email to m at bot2human.me.

Thanks for reading!